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L.J.N D.A.V Public  School  Garhdiwala (Hsp) 
                                                     Activity /Event in the month of April 2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event   Group
1 1/4/2020 Wednesday Hawan All
2 6/4/2020 Monday Mahavir Jayanti Assembly
3 7/4/2020 Tuesday World Health Day Assembly
4 10/4/2020 Friday Good Friday ------
5 13/04/2020 Monday Baisakhi  (Fancy Dress and Solo Dance competition) All
6 14/04/2020 Tuesday Ambedkar Jayanti Assembly
7 17/04/2020 Friday Friday (Chart ,Card  Making Activity) (Regarding Earth Day) Class
8 20/04/2020 Monday 542 st Birth-Anniversary of Kavi -surdas Assembly
9 22/04/2020 Wednesday Earth Day Assembly
10 24/04/2020 Friday Athletic meet-1 to 5 (Sackrace,Spoon race,Three leg race) School
11 25/04/2020 Saturday Parshuram -Jayanti Assembly
                                                     Activity /Event in the month of May 2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event   Group
1 1/5/2020 Friday Labour Day (Hindi-Calligrapy) Class
2 7/5/2020 Thursday Buddha Purnima and 159th Birth Anniversery of  Guru Rabindra nath Tagore Assembly
3 8/5/2020 Friday Card Making   (Regarding Mother’s Day) Class
4 10/5/2020 Sunday Mother’s Day  
5 15/05/2020 Friday Hindi Calligraphy Class
6 22/05/2020 Friday Paper Reading Activity Class
7 26/05/2020 Tuesday Guru Arjun Dev Ji Martyrdom Day Assembly
8 29/05/2020 Friday Badminton Interhouse competition (6 to 10)Boys  School
                                                      Activity /Event in the month of June 2020-21
                                                                     Summer Break         
                                                      Activity /Event in the month of July 2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event  Group
1 17/07/2020 Friday Badminton Interhouse competition (6 to 10)Girls School
2 19/07/2020 Sunday 193 rd Birth Anniversery of Mangal Panday Assembly
3 23/07/2020 Thursday 115th Birthday Anniversery.of Chandra Shekhar Azad Assembly
4 24/07/2020 Friday  164th Birthday Anniversery of Bal Gangadhar Tilak Assembly
5 26/07/2020 Sun Kargil Victory Day Movie
6 31/07/2020 Fri Shaheed Udham Singh Martyrdon (Rakhi  Making competition) Class
                                                   Activity /Event in the month of August 2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event Group
1 3/8/2020 Monday Raksha Bandhan  
2 7/8/2020 Friday 523rd Birthday Anniversery of Tulsidas,Patriotic  Group  Song Assembly
3 12/8/2020 Saturday Janamashtami Celebration All
4 14/08/2020 Friday Competition Group Dance All
5 15/08/2020 Saturday Independence Day Celebration School
6 26/08/2020 Wednesday 110th Birthday Anniversery  Mother Teresa Assembly
7 28/08/2020 Friday Chess Compitition (6 to 10th) Girls & Boys School
   Activity /Event in the month September 2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event   Group
1 2/9/2020 Wednesday Ganesh Chathurthi Assembly
2 4/9/2020 Friday 195th Birth.Anniversary of Dadabhai Naoroji Assembly
3 5/9/2020 Saturday Teacher Day 132 - Birth.Anniversary of  Dr.Radhakrishanan Assembly
4 11/9/2020 Friday Universal Brotherhood Day Assembly
5 14/09/2020 Monday Hindi Diwas Assembly
6 28/09/2020 Monday 113th - Birth.Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Assembly
7 29/09/2020 Tuesday 115th Birthday Anniversery  of Major Dhyan Chand Assembly
                                                      Activity /Event in the month October2020-21
Sr.No  Date    Day    Activity /Event    Group
1 2/10/2020 Friday  151st  Birth.Anniversary -of Mahatma Gandhi,115th  Birth.Anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri Assembly
2 9/10/2020 Friday Athletic meet- Class 8 to 10 Volleyball  inter house Competition/ Class 2 to 5 Carrom board Competition All
3 25/10/2020 Sunday Dussehra  Celebration Assembly
4 31/10//2020 Saturday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Assembly
  Activity /Event in the month November2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event  Group
1 13/11/2020 Friday Card Making, Diya Decoration Competition Class
2 14/11/2020 Saturday Diwali  And Children’Day All
3 24/11/2020 Tuesday Guru Teg Bahadur Shaheedi Divas Assembly
4 27/11/2020 Friday Shabad Gayan (Interhouse competition All
5 30/11/2020 Monday Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti Celebration Assembly
   Activity /Event in the month December 2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event   Group
1 3/12/2020 Thursday 136th Birth.Anniversary -of Dr.Rajendra Prasad Assembly
2 14/12/2020 Monday National Energy Conservation Day Assembly
3 19/12/2020 Saturday Guru Teg Bahadur Ji Martyardom Day Assembly
4 25/12/2020 Friday Merry Christmas Assembly
                                                                             Winter Vacation
Activity /Event in the month January2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event   Group
1 12/1/2021 Tuesday Vivekanand Jayanti (National Youth Day) Assembly
2 13/01/2021 Wednesday Celebration All
3 22/01/2021 Friday Petritic Song and Dance Com  All
4 23/01/2021 Saturday Desh Prem Diwas All
124th Birth.Anniversary -of Netaji Subhash Chandra Assembly
5 26/01/2021 Tuesday The72nd Republic Day Celebration  All
6 28/01/2021 Thursday 155th Birth.Anniversary -of Lala Lajpat Rai Assembly
7 29/01/2021 Friday Basant Panchami (Saraswati Poja) Assembly
 Activity /Event in the month February2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event  Group
1 4/2/2021 Thrusday World Cancer Day Assembly
2 18/02/2021 Thrusday Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti Assembly
4 25/02/2021 Thrusday Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa Jayanti Assembly
5 27/02/2021 Saturday Guru Ravidas Jayanti Assembly
                                                               Hawan for the Board Students
Activity /Event in the month March2020-21
Sr.No  Date          Day                   Activity /Event   Group
1 11/3/2021 Thrusday Maha Shivratri  
2 12/3/2021 Friday Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti Assembly
3 23/03/2021 Tuesday S.Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day Assembly
4 29/03/2021 Monday Holi